If You Could Read My Mind - chords, tab and comments

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A prolific songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot has only had a couple of major hits himself - this one (1971) and "Cold on the Shoulder" (1975). Funny, but he's been covered with success by artists from Anne Murray to Elvis Presley. A considerated assortment of his approximately 500 registered titles belong to any busker's songbook, as well as mine.
E                               Em7     A       A9            Esus4
if you could read my mind love  what a tale my thoughts could tell
E                           Em7      A           A9      Esus4
just like an old time movie about a ghost from a wishing well
E            E7        A                   B7sus4  B7     C#m
in a castle dark or a fortress strong with chains upon my feet
    A9         A       E
you know that ghost is me
    A9      A    E               A9     A     B7sus4     B7         E
and I will never be set free as long as I'm a ghost that you can't see

E ... E6 ... E ... E6 ...

E         E7          A                  B7sus4       B7        C#m
I'd walk away like a movie star who gets burned in a three way script
B7sus4  B7    E
enter number two
   A9     A       E                 A9       A      B7sus4       B7    C#m
a movie queen to play the scene of bringing all the good things out in me
        B7sus4     B7       E
but for now love, let's be real
   A9     A              E
I never thought I could feel this way
         A9      A         B7sus4      B7
and I've got to say that I just don't get it
A9       A          E
I don't know where we went wrong
         A9         A         B7sus4      B7     E
but the feeling is gone and I just can't get it back
E major
E sixth
E seventh
E minor seventh
E suspended fourth
A major
A ninth
B seventh
B seventh suspended four
C sharp minor
Gordon Lightfoot