IF YOU WERE GONE - chords and comments

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The nineteen year old Henning Sommerro composed this song in 1971 to Hans Hyldbakk's 1945 poem «Vårsøg» ["Longing for Spring"], told to be written waiting for emancipation from the German occupation of Norway since spring 1940.

The poem was written in dialectic form, and hard to fully understand even for quite many norwegians. Maybe also Alexander Rybak got so confused by strange word formations that he simply wrote brand new lyrics for his own version on the album "Fairytales"(2009), making it a love song. Who cares?
Em B7        Em       C          D7        Em
if you were gone the moon would lose its brightness
    B7        Em        C           D7      G   ...Em7
without your smile the finch would sing no more
               Am         D7                    Bm    ...Em7
and once in a while some waves would sigh with sadness
                 Am     B      B7       Em
remembering two lovers walking by the shore

Em                C        D7               G
but you're right here and nothing could be better
            C         D7                G
so take my hand and stay with me 'till dawn
               Am       D7                Bm   ...Em7
and while the wind is playing with your sweater
          Am     B      B7        Em
I can't imagine life if you were gone
E minor
E minor seventh
G major
C major
A minor
D seventh
B major
B seventh
E minor
Henning Sommerro
Alexander Rybak