It Ain't Me Babe - chords, tab and comments

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Classic Bob Dylan from the sixties; one of his most recorded songs, also by the man himself :-D . Best cover version in my opinion: Johnny Cash from "I Walk the Line".
E                F#m      G#m          B7          E
go away from my window  leave at your own chosen speed
E                   F#m        G#m         B7       E
I'm not the one you want babe  I'm not the one you need
     G#m               F#m                      G#m              F#m
you say you're looking for someone who's never weak but always strong
     G#m             F#m              G#m               F#m
to protect you and defend you weather you are right or wrong
A                               B7
someone to open each and every door
             E         A                 E
but it ain't me babe  no no no  it ain't me babe
         F#m         B7     E
it ain't me you're looking for babe
E major
B seventh
A major
F sharp minor
G sharp minor
Bob Dylan