It's Alright - chords, tab and comments

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Gerrard SP25 III was a horrible record player, and got the nickname "vinyl killer". Among the LPs this machine from Hell damaged for me way back in the sixties, was a compilation album with Bobby Bare, containing this song. Funny how songs can be stored away in your memory: fifty years after, all of a sudden, it rose from oblivion. I even remembered the lyrics ...?
The song was a minor single hit for Bare in 1965. Mac Gayden is a respected artist and crossover songwriter, especially known for inventing the wah-wah slide guitar style. About Jerry Tuttle I know nothing, except for being credited playing saxophone and organ on albums by Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich, Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie McCoy.
This song is an uncut diamond. When it came back to me after all these years, I added the "I'll be back today", skipped the silly talking that made Bobby Bare famous - and take it up to C for the final verse.
A          C#m   D         E7
hey little one  don't you cry
A             F#m Bm7         E7
you must be brave so dry your eyes
A           C#m    D              E7
you know tomorrow you'll find me gone
F#m              Bm           E7
the call of the wild leads me on
A         C#m  D          E7
peace of mind is hard to find
A        F#m             Bm7      E7
lots of worries in this heart of mine
A         C#m   D          E7
why do I wonder so aimlessly
F#m            Bm                  E7
and leave the girl  the girl that loves me
       Dmaj7  D       A
it's alright  it's alright
        Bm7   E7                 A
it's alright  I'll be back some day
A major
C sharp minor
D major
E seventh
F sharp major
B minor
B minor seventh
D major seventh
Mac Gayden