Jody and the Kid - chords, tab and comments

Written in 1968, Roy Drusky got the first hand on it. Kris himself recorded it 1971, lacking material for his second Monument album "The Silver Tongued Devil and I". It is a nice and simple song about nice and simple people ... for nice and simple people. You can do a lot of good finger-picking within the few and simple chords. The song is usually played a halftone sharp with the third verse.
she would meet me in the morning on my way down to the river
G                                  Am
waiting patient by the chinaberry tree
                       D7             Am             D7
with her feet already dusty from the pathway to the levee
          Am                D7               G
and her little blue jeans rolled up to her knees
I'd pay her no attention as she tagged along beside me
        G7                        Am
trying hard to copy everything I did
                          D7               Am            D7
but I couldn't keep from smiling when I'd hear somebody saying
        Am               D7           G
looky yonder there goes Jody and the kid
G major
G seventh
A minor
D seventh
Kris Kristofferson