Just the Other Side of Nowhere - chords, tab and comments

The song was included with Kris' first album "Kristofferson", Monument 1970 - an album that despite containing already well-known songs recorded by the songwriter himself, failed commercially. But by next year, Janis Joplin had a million-seller with "Me and Bobby McGee" ... the album was renamed to match this, and things worked out better.
Strange to say, this song has not become one of Kris' famous ones. I've added a few chords to underline the mood of loneliness, and raise it from the dump of mainstream country standards.
E7           A       Amaj7          F#m
I come from just the other side of nowhere
F#m7     Bm                Bm7
to this big time lonesome town
E                          E7
they got a lot of ice and snow here
         D                            A   E7
half as cold as all the people I've found
A           Amaj7  F#m     F#m7
every way I try to go here
Bm                 Bm7
seems to bring me down
E                          E7            A    D   A7
I've seen about enough to know where I belong

A7          D              E7/9        E
I've got a mind to see the headlights shining
         E7        A               Amaj7     F#m
on that old white line between my heart and home
Bm                        E                 E7
sick of spending Sundays wishing they were Mondays
A                  A7
sittin' in a park alone
            D       E7/9         E             E7
so give my best to anyone who's left who ever done me
A    Amaj7          F#m   F#m7
any loving way but wrong
Bm7                          Bm                     E               E7
tell them that the pride of just the other side of nowhere's going home
A major
A major seventh
A seventh
E major
E seventh
E seventh add nine
D major
F sharp minor
F sharp minor seventh
B minor
B minor seventh
Kris Kristofferson