Kitty Come - chords, tab and comments

This is a tribute to my cat "Ambush". A tabby tomcat with colors like a fox. He usually arrives at six o'clock every morning, to make me up and go and get his breakfast. Then he hangs around throughout the day, leaving at sunset. Last winter he disappeared all of a sudden. The days passed by, and I thought I'd lost him. Every morning I went down for the morning call; the neighbours probably considered me crazy. After ten days he was back, jolly as ever, but walking with a limb. His left backleg had an ugly scar. He'd probably been stuck in a carport or something, or gotten so injured he couldn't walk. I felt like winning the lottery. That creature means more to me than any money.
G     Bm         C9     D7/9
on a cold white winter morning
G           Em        D7sus4  D7
kitty come kitty come home
G        Bm       C9      D7/9
from my doorstep give my calling
G           Em         Am  D7
kitty come kitty come home
G         Bm      Bb         C
fur with ice and green eyes gleaming
Bm       D      Em     D7
give my life a deeper meaning
G         Bm      C9       D7/9
sip your milk and do your cleaning
G           Em         C          D7         G
kitty come kitty come kitty come kitty come home
G major
C ninth
D major
D seventh
D seventh add nine
B flat add D
B minor
E minor
A minor