Last Train - chords, tab and comments

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Son of legendary Woody Guthrie, Arlo has founded his own career in the periphery of roots music. Early albums a funny mix of own material and selected standards, ballads and acid-scented rock music ... always including at least *one* of his dad's songs, *one* instrumental and one kicking Dylan's ass. Though indeed very different, those two have remained best friends and colleges up through the years. This one from the 1973 album "Last Of the Brooklyn Cowboys". It is his own ... but I've heard it before, somewhere ...
A                     D                  A
I want to hop on the last train in the station
A              F#m             Bm    E7
won't need to get yourself prepared
A                    A7            D    B5
when you're on that last train to glory
A                    E6         A
you'll know you're reasonably there
A major
A seventh
D major
E seventh
E sixth
F sharp minor
B minor
B clean
Arlo Guthrie