Last Year's Man - chords, tab and comments

This song is from Cohen's 3. album "Songs of Love and Hate" (1971). The chords are not my interpretation, they are taken directly from the book of lyrics and chords I once was stupid enough to buy (the price exceeded the bloody album). My voice is now almost at the same level as Cohen's, so I can use the original harmonies without any tranposition.
G               Em      Bm         Em
the rain falls down on last year's man
          F                Dm              C
that's a jews harp on the table  that's a crayon in his hand
          G             Em            Bm                Em
and the corners of the blueprint are ruined since they rolled
     F                 Dm                            C
far past the stems of thumb tacks that still throw shadows on the wall
          F                   D          G               D
and the skylight is like the skin for a drum I'll never mend
     G       Em         Bm    Em            F                   C
and all the rain falls down  amen  on the works of last year's man
I caught the Cohen-virus back in the early seventies, coughing and covering all his songs from his first three albums. I was cured by being treated with rock, blues and country. I had a small relapse in '88 with the album "I'm Your Man" but now I suffer from only few lags and adverse effects.
C major
G major
F major
D major
E minor
B minor
D minor
Leonard Cohen