Late Again - chords, tab and comments

Even though his 5th album "Spooky Lady's Sideshow" (Monument 1975) was a commercial flop, it is among hardcore Kristofferson fans - and other reasonable people, too - regarded his best and most thoroughbred work ever. It contains none of his standards, but has an exceptional variety of songs and themes, and the arrangements as well as the engineering is top quality. This song is among the "lightest" ones - which vouches for the rest.
woke up late again this morning
             Dm              Am
cause I was late again last night
Am                      D
in the mood that I was born in
E       E7               Am
and my skin was feeling tight
Am                                         C            Am
God I might as well forget you  you ain't never coming true
Am                       D      Fmaj7      E7
seems like ever since I met you I've been getting over you
A minor
D minor
D major
C major
E major
E seventh
F major seventh
Kris Kristofferson