Like a Rolling Stone - chords, tab and comments

Released as a single (6 minutes and forced released by producer Bob Johnston!) July 1965, it also fronted "Highway 61 Revisited", issued August same year. Dylan going rock! caused an outcry by far ... a generation later we may laugh about it all.
The song was originally meant to be 3/4 time - and partially played this way at Newport Folk Festival - but during the recording session finally set to 4/4 time. As Dylan himself often fucks up his own songs, I sometimes fiddle with 3/4, but most of the time I stick to the original - with Al Kooper's organ imaginary behind me.
G                     Am
once upon a time you dressed so fine
     Bm                    C               D
you threw the bums a dime in your prime : didn't you?
G                   Am                  Bm  
people'd call  say beware doll  you're bound to fall
      C                    D
you thought they were all kiddin' you
C             D
you used to laugh about
C                   D
everybody that was hangin' out
C    Bm        Am      G
now you don't talk so loud
C    Bm        Am      G
now you don't seem so proud
       C            Am7                      D  D7  D6
about having to be scrounging for your next meal
D7          G C D  D6           G C D  D6
how does it feel ? how does it feel ?
                G C D            D6        G C D
to be without a home  like a complete unknown
        D6      G
like a rolling stone
I suffer from the Dylan Virus. This has pestered me ever since my youth, and is seemingly incurable, though therapy may bring symptoms down to an acceptable level - playing and listening to him only frequently. The therapeutical methods are rather simple: listen to *anything* else, building up resistance, realizing that the guy is an old man now, who has only been trying to recover his own masterpieces for decades.
G major
C major
D major
D seventh
D sixth
A minor
A minor seventh
B minor
Bob Dylan