Lovesick Blues - chords, tab and comments

This song is *not* written by Hank Williams, as the majority of country fans seem to believe. That bloke never used more than 3 chords in his songs; often only 2 (G, D). It's not even a country tune. It's a song from Tin Pan Alley, 1922: written by Cliff Friend, assisted with "lyrics" by music publisher Irving Mills (who often else were credited due to publishing rights). But the 1948 recording by HW made the song famous ... and HW famous. Funny, because HW hardly ever performed and recorded covers.
I regard yodeling a human plague, as well as singing falsetto for no reasons. It sounds ridiculous. But "Lovesick Blues" *is* ridiculous. It's vaudeville, and I've got sense of humour. My humble album collection contains 2 live versions of this snappy tune, both remarkable: "Charlie Pride in Person" and "Don McLean Solo". The first for the purest yodeling I've ever heard; the latter for common skill.
But I've never performed this one in public, and I never will. It belongs to my inner circle of very good and confidential friends.
A                                                                E
I got a feeling called the blues oh Lawd since my baby said goodbye
                          E7                       A ... A7
Lawd I don't know what to do  all I do is sit and sigh
                D               D7        A                      F#
that last long day she said goodbye well Lawd I thought I would cry
       F#m                        B
she'd do me  she'd do you  she's got the kind of loving
B7                               E7             A ... A7                E
Lawd I love to hear her when she calls me sweet daddy  such a beautyful dream
                          E7                          C#7
I hate to think it's all over  I've lost my heart it seems
               D               D7
I've grown so used to you somehow
    A                   F#
but I'm nobody's sugar daddy now
          B7      E7                   A
and I'm lonesome  I got the lovesick blues
              C#7                      F#m
cause I'm in love  I'm in love with a beautyful gal
C#7                    F#m
that's the matter with me
well I'm in love  I'm in love with a beautyful gal
     B7                  E
but she don't care about me
           E7                                          A
oh Lawd I tried and I tried to keep her satisfied but that gal wouldn't stay
    B                       B7                E
so now that she is leaving this is all I can say
A major
A seventh
E major
E seventh
D major
D seventh
F sharp major
F sharp minor
B major
B seventh
C sharp minor