Mantle for the Core - chords, tab and comments

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I called a girlfriend once, cause I felt terribly lonesome. I invited her for dinner, and made the best I could. She said "I'll be there". She never shew up. I ate the entrecĂ´te myself, sipped the wine and forgot about her both as a friend or whatever I was dreaming of. The beef tasted good, though, and the chandeliers I lit gave some inspiration to these lines of confusion. I'm not proud of them. I stole "grapes upon the vine" from Cohen, and about the mantle and the core you are free to discuss. I was missing something essential, that is.
G                 G/F#          Em
I told her get a cab and come over
           C               D7sus4        D7
shouldn't be that hard to get one right now
G             G/F#        Em
no need for crimson and clover
      C              D7sus4   D7
and shields do not matter anyhow
but the taxi never came
and the cars went all the same
      G                   Bm
they came quite near and shifted gear
     C                  D7
and just went down the lane
G              G/F#           Em
ain't got no grapes upon the vine no more
C              D7            G
ain't got no mantle for the core
G major
E minor
C major
D seventh suspend four
D seventh
B minor