Martha - chords, tab and comments

From 1973 Elektra album "Closing Time". His first album, and his most busker-friendly one: material and act not so night club orientated, music not too much inspired by jazz, blues and ridiculous rythms - and his vocals still sound like coming from *this* side of hell :-D
G   D7    G      D7           Em      D7    C
operator  number please  it's been so many years
G        D7     G       D7    Em      D         C
she'll remember my old voice while I fight the tears
G         E7        Am       D7       G       E7      Am     ...D7
hello  hello there  is this Martha ? this is ol' Tom Frost 
G     E7      Am      D7           Em    D         C
I am calling long distance  don't worry about the cost
G          E7       Am       D7       G        E7      Am    ...D7
it's been fourteen years or more now Martha  please recall
     G      E7       Am     D           Em    D       C
and meet me out for coffee where we'll talk about it all

G                       C         G           C
and those were days of roses  of poetry and prose
            Am             C               Am  D   G    ...D7
and Martha  all I had was you and all you had was me
G               C          G               C
there was no tomorrow  we packed away our sorrows
        Am               C  D  G
and we saved them for a rainy day
G major
D major
D seventh
C major
A minor
E seventh
E minor
Tom Waits