Me and Bobby McGee - chords, tab and comments

Kris has always been most credited as a songwriter. Stumbling into Nashville music industry late sixties, he carried with him a bunch of potential hits. Roger Miller recorded this first, Gordon Lightfoot next, and so on. Finally Janis Joplin captured it. He and Janis dated at that time, but he didn't hear the result until the day after her death. It appeared to be her final recording.
When Kris finally signed with Monument to record his own material, he included this one - co-written by the label's founder Fred Foster - with his debut album "Kristofferson" (1970) and grumbles as an intro: "If it sounds country folks; that's what it is. It's a country song. Hmmm ... one, two, three, four ..."
Kris was about to end up in the US Marines or as an academical zombie. Fortunately, he didn't.
busted flat in Baton Rouge : heading for a train
G                             D
feeling nearly fainted as my jeans
Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before the rain
took us all the way to New Orleans
I took my harpoo out of my dirty red bandana
          G7                               C
and was blowing sad while Bobby sang the blues
C                                              G
with my dreams sent out for slapping time and Bobby clapping hands
            D                D7               G
we finally sang out all the songs that driver knew

[ bridge G - G# - A - A# - C ]

C                                G
freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
D                    D7                G   ...G7
freedom ain't worth nothing but it's free
C                                G
feeling good was easy Lord when Bobby sang the blues
feeling good was good enough for me
C               D7              G
good enough for me and Bobby McGee

[ then raise to A major for next verse ]
G major
G seventh
C major
D major
D seventh
Kris Kristofferson