Merlin's Time - chords, tab and comments

Besides comfortable listening, Al Stewart's music is often a journey through history and mythology, due to a lifelong passion. He's credited the origin of the genre "historical folk-rock". This song is a lighter side of this, and from his ninth studio album "24 Carrots" (1980), co-written with Peter White, the leader of his new band at that time: Shot in the Dark.
Am                 G        F            Em       Dm
and I think of you now as a dream that I had long ago
      C       F       G
in a kingdom lost to time
        Am       G           F          Em       Dm
in the forest of evening the archer is bending a bow
       C       F         G         E
and I see you bring him bread and wine

Em            Am       G      Am       G        Dm
oh who would walk the stoney roads of Merlin's time
    Em       Am     G         Dm     Am
and keep the watch along the borderline
    Em        Am        G       Am       G         Dm
and who would hear the legends passed in song and rhyme
  Em      Am       G        Dm       Am
upon the shepherd pipes of Merlin's time
A minor
G major
F major
E minor
D minor
C major
E major
Peter White
Al Stewart