Midas' Shadow - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

Besides comfortable listening, Al Stewart's music is often a journey through history and mythology, due to a lifelong passion. He's credited the origin of the genre "historical folk rock". This song is a lighter side of him, and from his platinum 1976 album "The Year of the Cat" (1976).
Am            Am/G           Am/F#  F
you got your ticket and your hotel keys
          Am        G           Am
and your overnight bag at your feet
Am              Am/G        Am/F#    F
you're looking down on the tropical trees
           Am            G           Am
while the spanish maids pick up the sheets
C         G      Am        G
conquistador in search of gold
C                   Esus4  E
for all the jackdaw reasons
Am          Am/G            Am/F#    F
the Midas shadow that's so hard to please
     Am         G        Am
and follows wherever you go
Am/G is plain A minor with G on 1. string, and Am/F# is plain A minor with F sharp bass.
A minor
F major
G major
C major
E major
E suspended fourth
Al Stewart