Miller's Cave - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

For almost 5 decades I thought this song was written by Harlan Howard, depending on credits from a deceptive compilation album cover. Nope. Reading Jack Clement's memorial I found the responsible for this odd, but catchy song. Howard *could* have written this; they were both prolific songwriters in the same genres.
This is most certainly not a true story, but Miller's Cave really exists.
This song is most often heard in Bobby Bare's version. It rises sharp with the two last verses. I play it starting G major, switching to A major and finish it B major. The song is that simple, so I leave with You only G key.
G            D7           G
way down in the State of Georgia
            D    D7            G    ...G7
among the swamps and the everglades
                   C             G       ...Em
there's a big old hole in Tiger Mountain
              G            D7               G
God help the men who gets lost in Miller's Cave
G major
G seventh
D major
D seventh
C major
E minor
Jack Clement