Misfits - chords, tab and comments

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When you have been suffering through four tracks of Neil Young's 1985-album "Old Ways", you face this ridiculous song, and you won't know wheather keeping on listening or crack that disk into pieces. It is the most odd Neil Young song ever written.
An upright bass goes tango. Neil's haunted voice launches a scene from a space station. Following violins, choirs from Hell and vice versa. But good ol' Neil is talking about misfits, thus he makes the sound misfitting, and it works. This song was never meant for guitars - but I've heard it from a concert in Australia, grumble. It's never been covered except maybe by tribute bands in backyard clubs.
Neil Young is unpredictable. «He's a walking contradiction; partly truth and partly fiction» [Kris Kristofferson] and still surprising more than thirty years after this ... song?
A           D          A             D          A
up in that new space station living Kennedy's dream
A                       E              E7      A
there was an automatic camera shooting elephantine
A          D         A                 D       A
well the crew was relaxing before the video screen
A        C#m    F#m Bm7            E
watching old reruns of Mohammed Ali
E             Bm7     D
the voice of Houston calling brought them back to the scene
D                  Bm7     D                      A
except the sky is falling  do you know what that means?
A major
D major
E major
E seventh
C sharp minor
F sharp minor
B minor seventh
Neil Young