Mm Mm Mm Mm - chords, tab and comments

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In 1993, the Canadian folk-rock band "Crash Test Dummies" released their second album "God Shuffled His Feet", their most successful up to date. Most likely, it's going to stay that way: Roberts have decided not to write more albums; they only result in a loss since streaming became common. It's a pity, but a fact.
This ridiculous song, released as a single - with a meaning deeper than the crazy surface - captured the world. The kids caught that I had a voice as dark and dry as Robert's, and went mmmmmming around me all the time to annoy me ... Jeez! I just *had* to adopt it.
Roberts can seemingly write songs about anything or nothing. Now living in New York, he started up a school for aspiring songwriters. Though nowadays, he prefers collaborating with other musicians, and going on stage.
C                   F     C
once there was this kid who
F           C             F7                 C
got into an accident and couldn't come to school but
F                G    C
when he finally came back
G    C    F                C          G11       ... G ... G11 ... G  
his hair had turned from black into bright white
    F7                C            F7              Fb5  Csus4
he said that it was from when the cars had smashed so hard

Em    Bm     Em    Bm    Csus4 ... G ... Csus4 ... G
mm mm mm mm  mm mm mm mm

C        Am        Dm        G
but both girl and boy were glad
C        Am          Dm          G  Csus4 ... G ... Csus4 ... G
that one kid had it worse than that
C major
F major
F seventh
G major
G eleventh
F major flat five
C suspended four
E minor
B minor
A minor
Brad Roberts