MOONCHILD RIVER SONG - chords and comments

The late norwegian singer/songwriter Stein Ove Berg had for years fascinated me with his heartly, warm voice, striking melodies and unambitious lyrics often tied to his political engagement for labourers. When he released his 5th album "Egg" in 1980, I took for granted that the song called "Prøv å se meg som elva" was his own. When I finally decided to translate this song into english, I had a look at the album cover and sure found it unnecessary ... it was written by Eric Andersen, who even played guitar on the recording ...
The song was first released in -75, on the album "Be True to You". Andersen is of half norwegian origin, and in -80 he moved to Norway, leaving Greenwich Village and a mixed musical career behind, but kept connections. He started cooperating with roots artists in Norway, among them Stein Ove Berg. He joined Jonas Fjeld and Rick Danko and formed "Danko/Fjeld/Andersen", releasing 1 album of unforgettable songs.
Eric is nowadays settled in the Netherlands, keeping on his good work. I apologize, Eric: the song could have been written by Berg, but you did. About me retranslating ... I'm glad I never got that far.
G         C            G               C        G          Am       D
take the quiet like a river  like the silver streams that sing for you
C                  G              C      G       Am      D
love will make it better and I'm sorry that you saw me blue
C                     G            C      G       Am    D
I'll tell you of the sunrise on a Texas plain so long ago
C                   G              C        G     Am        D
I looked into your sad eyes and I couldn't say I loved you so

       C                 G            D        D7       G
but I love you like the mountains  I love you like the sea
   C                  G   Em      A7               D
I love you like this highway that always comes for me
   C                 G           D    D7      Bm
I love you like the forest  the quiet of the trees
            Em            Cmaj7  A7            C    D7     G
I love you darling like a river now that runs runs deep in me
G major
C major
C major seventh
D major
D seventh
A minor
A seventh
B minor
E minor
Eric Andersen