Morgan the Pirate - chords, tab and comments

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I first heard this song with Ian Matthews from his 1973-album "If You Saw Thro' My Eyes", and picked it up because of it's elegant lines of chords. Already *then* I suspected it to be some kind of nag at Dylan. The label and cover just told me that the author was "Farina" (spelled without tilde), and I played the song with my backyard band "Sticks & Stones" for years in suspense of it's origin. Twenty years later, as the internet became common, I learned that my suspicion was correct, from an interview with Richard Fariña's widowed wife Mimi.
Both Dylan and Fariña belonged to the bohemians of Greenwich Village in the early sixties. Mimi was the younger sister of Joan Baez. I believe Richard got a little bit envious as Dylan rose to fame, leaving the acoustic music. But who knows how far that guy would have gone, if not for the fatal motorbike accident 30th of April 1966, two days after his only novel "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me" was released?
The Fariñas recorded 3 albums, and the third, "Memories" from 1968, was released posthommus to Richard's death; thus the vocal is Mimi singing solo with this song. They have now more or less passed into oblivion, but some folk music die-hards preserve their honour. Click the icon at the bottom of the page to read about them. And join us crooked oldies enjoying unaffected music. If you're not there already.
Em     D9  C   B11      Em        D9      C   B11
hello hey buddy  wanna thank you for the ride
            Em    D9         Em6     C       Em
don't know how I would have made it without you
Em                D9      C    B11       Em       D9    C     B11
had to push when you got busted  had to help you get adjusted
        Em      D9    Em6    C            Em
had to pick up pieces after you'd been through
         A9     Bb     B      B11     A9      Bb    B      B11
but you had to have assistance in confirming your existance
       A9    Bb     B      B11     Em      D9       C       B11
and establishing resistance to the one or two hard feelings
Em      D9       C   B11  Em      D9       Em6      C      Em
one or two hard feelings  one or two hard feelings left behind
E minor
D ninth
C major
B eleventh
E minor sixth
A ninth
B flat major
B major
Mimi and Richard Farina