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Dylan is reputed for breaking his own songs on the wheel. This time he did from the very beginning. In 1964 he recorded "Another Side of Bob Dylan" in one evening session. Obviously no rehearsal, and it sounds like this song dropped down on him up the stairway. He failed on both chords and melody lines, but let it go. Was he short of money or something?
The Byrds straighted it up in 1967, changed the rhythm and got a hit. Many artists have covered it, but I've never heard a version I really like. But I like the song, and brought it to E key.
E         Emaj7        G#m                    A                E
crimson flames tied through my ears  rolling high and mighty traps
E             Emaj7    G#m                  A          B7
pounced with fire on flaming roads  using ideas as my maps
        C#m           E              A9               B7sus4 ... B7
"we'll meet on edges soon" said I  proud neath heated brow
       E     Emaj7    F#m    E        A9      B7        E
ah but I was so much older then  I'm younger than that now
E major
E major seventh
G sharp minor
C sharp minor
F sharp minor
A major
A ninth
B seventh
B seventh suspended fourth
Bob Dylan