Never Ending - chords, tab and comments

Born in Lincolnshire, England and living in The Netherlands since 2000, Iain Matthews McDonald (before 1989 known as Ian McDonald or Ian Matthews) started up with Fairport Convention. Then he founded a few bands on his own, then going solo. This one is from his 1st Vertigo album "If You Saw Thro' My Eyes" (1971).
G             G6           G                G6
anyone here know who goes forward who can stay
Em                 Bm
did you miss your call
Em                      Bm
you were having such a ball
D          D7sus4       G
you never noticed me at all

G ... Gadd9 ... G ... Gadd9

G         G6             G            G6
I must admit my life has only just begun
Em           Bm
to take its toll
Em                Bm
and it isn't very old
D       D7sus4        G   ... Gadd9 ... G
I never saw you as a soul
     D7sus4              G  ... Gadd9 ... G
as I watched you losing hold
      D7sus4         Bm
I was getting too involved
D        D7sus4              G
I never thought it could be told
G major
G sixth
G add nine
E minor
B minor
D major
D seventh suspend four
Iain Matthews