On the Amazon - chords, tab and comments

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This frantic song, stuffed with foreign words and insanity, is from the 1928 musical "Mr. Cinders" and sung by the character Jim Lancaster. Responsibles for this were Vivian Ellis (composer); Clifford Grey and Greatrex Newman (libretto, arrangement). Columbia released a 78rpm cast in -29 with Jack Payne and the B.B.C. Dance Orchestra.
For funny reasons, Don McLean came across this one, and included it with his self-titled album of 1972, as the only song he hadn't written himself. In -76 he performed it live for the double-album "Solo".
Especially live, he performs tricks and chords I can't neighter figure out nor recall. Why should I? This "straight" version is crazy enough.
Am                E7   Am              E7
there's a danger zone  not a stranger zone
Am                Dm            Am             E7
than the little plot I walk on that I call my home
Am             E7      Am                E7
full of eerie sights  weird and skeerie sights
Am             Dm           Am         E7        Am
every vicious animal that creeps and crawls and bites
G ...Fdim ... D7sus4
on ...
        C6+2  Am          D7sus4   G
... the amazon the prophylactics prowl
       C6+2  Am        G7/9
on the amazon the hypodermics howl
       C6+2  Am             Bsus4            Em Gdim Dm           G  
on the amazon you'll hear a scarab scowl and sting   zodiacs on the wing
        C6+2        Am          D7sus4  G
all the stalagtites are vicious vertabrae
         C6+2       Am           G7/9
hunt the stalagmites while laryngitis slay
         C6+2     Am             Bsus4          Em  ...Gdim...Dm...G
all the parasites that come from paraguay in spring
         F         Fm                 C Bdim A7 
snarling equinox among the rocks will seize you
         D               Dm              Fmaj7 Cdim G
and the fahrenheit comes out at night to freeze   you
      C6+2  Sm             D7sus4   G
wild duondenum are lurking in the trees
         C6+2     Am               G7/9
and the jungle swarms with green apostrophes
       C6+2  Am   F  G    C
oh the amazon is calling me
C ... Gdim ... D7sus4 ... G (to 2nd verse)
C major
C sixth add second
C diminuished
F major
F minor
F major seventh
G major
G senenth add nine
G diminuished
A minor
A seventh
E seventh
D major
D minor
B suspended forth
B diminuished