On the Nickel - chords, tab and comments

From the movie "On the Nickel" (1980), a feature film written, produced by, and starring Ralph Waite. From Waits' sixth studio album "Heartattack and Vine" same year.
A                       E             A                     E
sticks and stones will break my bones but I always will be true
A                     E        Bm                  F#m7             B11  B7
and when your mama's dead and gone I'll sing this lullaby just for you
A                            E          A                     E
and what becomes of all the little boys who never comb their hair
A                          E          Bm           F#m7   B11   E
well they're lined up all around the block on the nickel over there
E major
A major
B minor
F sharp minor seventh
B eleventh
B seventh
Tom Waits