One too Many Mornings - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

This song is from Dylan's third album "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (1964). Four years later Burl Ives released an album with the same title, including this song as well as the title song and "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight". Ives' album was overall not well received, called "ludicrous". But this was the first time I *listened* to Dylan, and it introduced me to Jimmy Webb and John Hartford, too.
The original is fingerpicked in C major, and simpler in harmonies. As usual, I had to take it down ½ octave, and I've put in some chords You may disagree with. But this is *my* way. Here we go:
G               Gmaj7         Em     ...Em7
down the street the dogs are barking
        D7/9  D7          G
and the day is getting dark
       Gmaj7           Bm
as the night comes in falling
A7                        D7
the dogs will lose their bark
G      Gmaj7               Em    ...Em7
as the silent night will shatter
         D7/9   D7         G
from the sounds inside my mind
            Gmaj7     E7/9   ...E7
for I'm one too many mornings
        Cmaj7   Dsus4   G
and a thousand miles behind
G major
G major seventh
E minor
E minor seventh
D seventh add ninth
D seventh
A seventh
E seventh add ninth
E seventh
C major seventh
D suspended fourth
Bob Dylan