Partners - chords, tab and comments

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Horace Eldred Dill (1924 – 2008) wrote this song in 1953, right after signing with Cedarwood; a lifelong affiliation. Jim Reeves recorded it in 1959, and made it pretty good. I haven't been able to dig up covers; I don't even know if Danny himself taped it; he's kind of forgotten, though invoked into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975 - for 2 major reasons: writing "Long Black Veil" with Marijohn Wilkin and "Detroit City" with Mel Tills. He has signed or cowritten more than 100 songs. After retirement, he returned with the solo album "Quality Is Always in Style"(2006) at the age of 81! A solid craftsman, he was.
     G        D7      G         Em7      G      D7       G    Em
two partners went in search of gold as friendly as could be
G         D7       G      Em7          G        D7       G    Em
one was young and one was old and the gay young fool was me
       D7                G                 Am             D7
since neither one could write his name we swore upon our souls
    G         D7         Em7        C
to share the wealth and then shook hands
     C        D7       G
the hand that dug for gold
G major
D seventh
E minor
E minor seventh
C major
A minor
Danny Dill