PENDULUM HANGING STRAIGHT - chords and comments

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I didn't know whether I had a neighbour from Heaven or Hell until she was leaving. Something's lost and nothing's gained. Except for a fridge, a laudry machine and ten millions of minor objects of various substance. I'd better leave it all for keeping my best friend. She was a pain in the ass, as well as sunshine. That's what friends ... and women? ... are for. Making life excitable and armed with stumblewire.

The song dropped into my head in 1985, and I spent several days to screw the unusual harmonies together. Satisfied I went to bed, and couldn't recall it the next morning. I left it. Almost forty years later, I gave it new lyrics (the original idea was scratched down in norwegian). I faced the same problem added a new one, because my voice range had lowered. Shit. Transposing from G key to D is not easy for guitar, even for simpler compositions. Well, after all these years I've made it, and the pendulum is hanging  a l m o s t  still ...
D            A           D
there was a woman in my backyard
D         A7               Bm
craving attention all the time
D       Gmaj7     Em7
cursing all of my actions
E          E7             A   ...A7
making me pulling up the guard
D        A          D
twisting all of my good words
D    A7             Bm
into insults and spleen
D       Gmaj7         Em7 
make me long for the garden
E          E7           A  ...A7
of plenty pastures so green

         D           A7sus4        Bm 
but the time runs as fast as the clouds
B            B7         Em
whirling in wild roundabouts
         C#m7           F#
it makes sure it's too late
        A#dim         G#m
when we all stand and wait
    E         Em7         A      A7
for Gabriel's horn at St. Peters gate
         D               A7sus4        Bm
and the days are getting long without you
      B           B7         Em
just passing the calendar through
          C#m         F#      
they come date after date
    A#dim        G#m
and just make me wait
         E         A7sus4 A7     D
for the pendulum go straight
D major
A major
A seventh
A seventh suspended four
A sharp diminuished
B major
B seventh
B minor
C sharp minor
E major
E seventh
E minor
E minor seventh
F sharp major
G major seventh
G sharp minor