Piano Man - chords, tab and comments

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This song was the breakthrough for Billy Joel in 1973, and the scene is taken from his days as a lounge singer in LA. William Martin Joel is a singer/songwriter and later on serious composer, recording classical compositions. Joel *is* a piano man. This song originally contains an interlude which I've skipped to comfort most people with non-pro skills. It's just as good without. In fact; I've never even tried myself.
G             Bm         Em    Em7    C        Am            A ... D7
it's nine o'clock on a Saturday  the regular crowd shuffles in
            G   Bm          Em       ... Em7
there's an old man sitting next to me
        C           D7/9      G
making love to his tonic and gin
G                     Bm        Em   Em7    C          Am          A ... D7
he says "Son can you play me a memory  I'm not really sure how it goes
          G          Bm          C           Em
but it's sad and it sweet and I knew it complete
     C         D7/9           G
when I wore a younger man's clothes"
Em                                D  ... D7  D6  D
da da da de de da da da de de da dum
G          G/F#              Em
sing us a song : you're the piano man
C          A       D  ... D7
sing us a song tonight
       G          G/F#       Em
we're all in the mood for a melody
     C              D7/9       G
and you've got us feeling all right
G major
B minor
E minor
E minor seventh
C major
A minor
A major
D major
D seventh
D seventh add ninth
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