The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd - chords, tab and comments

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Almost any prominent folk singer/group have recorded this one. The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd was written by Woody Guthrie 5 years after the death of Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd (1904 – 1934), a notorious robber and murderer - claiming him to be a kind of "Robin Hood"-character, following Jesse James' footprints. Maybe these rascals were kind and generous to a few poor people, but they were still hardcore criminals. Okey, Woody ... the song is among the best You wrote, and Your main point of view is shared by millions up to this very day.
C                       C7          F            C
come gather around me children : a story I will tell
    Dm                    Em            G7                C
of Pretty Boy Floyd : an outlaw • Oklahoma knew him well
C                        C7                  F             C
it was in the town of Shawnee • it was Saturday afternoon
          Dm                Em       G7             C
his wife beside him in his wagon as into town they rode
C major
C seventh
F major
G seventh
D minor
E minor
Woody Guthrie