Rescue Mission - chords, tab and comments

This song appears on Kris Kristofferson's fifth album "Spooky Lady's Sideshow"(1975), describing obscure situations from the Vietnam War. Despite solid material and good production, the album flopped as the first one of Kristofferson's, starting a decline both as a recording artist and songwriter. From 1975, he's better renowned as an actor, though still writing, recording and touring.
The song is credited Kristofferson, Roger McGuinn, Bob Neuwirth and Seymour Cassell. I expect McGuinn to be the one behind the tune and arrangement. What Cassell's part of the contribution is, I've never found out. The 1935-born actor with that name, is never mentioned anywhere in musical context ... maybe it's another guy? (Well, SC acted as a govenor in "Convoy", 1978, starring KK and Ali McGraw. Maybe they were friends)
Dm                                        F             C
the captain touched his swagger stick up to his golden eye
     Dm                                  C9            Dm
and boogied through the vestibule while bidding us goodbye
Dm                                              C
the enemy surrounds us and our spirit's almost gone
     Dm                           C9            Dm
the devil take the cavalery that sold us for a song
D minor
F major
C major
C ninth
Kris Kristofferson