Ruby's Arms - chords, tab and comments

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The best song of leaving ever written, in my humble opinion. Yell it out, and never mind the rhythm ... it's floating 4/4. Have some Salvation Army horns playing in your brain and a couple of beer next to you. Shit, how a nasty experience can result in good songs.
From the 1980 album "Heartattack and Wine", Waits' last release on Asylum. Jean-Luc Godard used this song in his 1983 film "First Name: Carmen".
G       C      G        B7     Em        C        G      Am     D7
I will leave behind all of my clothes I wore when I was with you
C      G          B7       Em    C       G       Am    D7
all I need is my railroad boots and my leather jacket
      C       G     B7      Em       C       G        Am      D7
as I say goodbye to ruby's arms although my heart is breaking
        C      G        B7          Em         C        G        Am    D7
I will steal away out through your blinds for soon you will be waking

    D        G        Bm           Am      D     G               C     D7
the morning light has washed your face and everything is turning blue now
D        G        Bm    Am              D     G     C    D7
hold on to your pillow case * there's nothing I can do now
G major
C major
B 7th
E minor
A minor
B minor
Tom Waits