Shiver Me Timbers - chords, tab and comments

From his second album "The Heart of Saturday Night" (1973), this is the most covered song by Tom Waits besides "Ol'55". Even Bette Midler has recorded it - and along with all other cover artists, she performs it as a tribute to the ocean. It is not; Tom Waitz had a darker side already back in -73. Read between the lines, and You'll find a song about committing suicide; the scene painted marine.
G               C9
I'm leaving my family
G               C9
leaving all my friends
    G         A7          Am7            D7
my body's at home but my heart's in the wind
            G               C9
where the clouds are like headlines
      G             C9
on a new frontpage sky
     G             A7            D7sus4     D7    G
my tears are salt water and the moon's full and high

         Em                    G/Eaug6
now the fog's lifting and the sand's shifting
Em7             C9
I'm drifting on out
G           A7                 Am7       D7
old captain Ahab he ain't got nothing on me
            Em                Em6
so come on swallow me  don't follow me
G               A7
I'm travelling alone
      G           A7                D7sus4    D7  G
blue water's my daughter  I'm gonna skip like a stone
G major
C ninth
A seventh
A minor seventh
D seventh
D seventh suspended four
E minor
E minor sixth
E minor seventh
G add E augmented sixth
Tom Waits