Sing a Traveling Song - chords, tab and comments

Released 1970, the album "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" is the last one containing songs with the original line-up "The Tennessee Three". Guitarist Luther Perkins died 5th of August 1968 in a fire accident, but some tracks were recorded earlier than 1970. Along with other strong material, it contains this freewheelin' song. Hmmm ... I never left "a little girl". They always left me. Why?
G                    B7
hey little girl with tears in your eyes
C                          G
don't waste your time now asking me why
G                         Bm            Am7    D7
I don't know I know I'll just be moving along
G                          B7
you say that home is where my love is at
C                        G
I say that home is where I hang my hat
G                    D7               G
the time has come to sing a traveling song

I searched the internet for this one, and found a couple of sites with probably not deliberately wrong lines. This version is original, and warrantly correct. Thanks to Mr. Jeff D. Kirby, who kindly sent me a mail the other day, I got to know that the author was Kenneth Jones, grandson of Mother Maybelle Carter, son of Helen Carter. He wrote this song at the age of only 14, and died in a car accident in 1969, hardly 17 years old. He's buried at Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Sumner County, Tennessee, USA - together with his more famous relatives.
G major
B 7th
C major
B minor
A minor 7th
D 7th