SOMETHING GONE WRONG - chords, tab and comments

Kevin Coyne (1944-2004) was a real multiple and genuine artist. He was a painter, poet, novelist and film-maker, but commonly best known as a singer/songwriter in his very own minimalistic way. Fleeing from marriage failure, working pressure, a nervous breakdown and alcoholism to Germany in the early eightees, his work really came to blossom. He has released more than 40 albums; this one is from "Beautiful Extremes" (1977).
E                     G#    A                B7
the world is full of poets walking about in gangs
E                        G#         A                  B7
the moonlight seems too faded  the sunlight seems to drag
E                        G#                    A                         B7
I just taken my asbestos suit in for cleaning  there was a rip down the side
E                   G#                        A                      B7
Canute sitting in front of the river Thames trying to turn back the tide

G#        A    Bsus4 B7 G#7       A   Bsus4 B7 
something gone wrong    something not right
         G#   A       Bsus4 B7 G#     A        Bsus4 B7
they've taken all the day      stolen all the nights
C#m     G#m            A                        B7
oh Mr. Prime Minister  please won't you ask the Queen
C#m               G#m       A                       B7
if this is just a nightmare cause I just want to scream
E major
G sharp major
A major
B seventh
B suspended four
C minor
G minor
Kevin Coyne