Star-Spangled Bummer - chords, tab and comments

From Kris Kristofferson's fifth album "Spooky Lady's Sideshow"(1975). Despite solid material and good production, the album flopped as the first one of Kristofferson's, starting a decline both as a recording artist and songwriter. From 1975, he's better renowned as an actor, though still writing, recording and touring. What this song is about? The subtitle tells more than the real title: another song about booze-up, bummers and spoiled women. But it's well built.
Am                          Dm
ring anvil for the deal we dealt us by mistake
     Am                     C             E7
our angel made of steel is big enough to break
           Am                        Dm
'cause the rust is at his heel and I swear I seen him shakin'
    Am                E7             Am
but who'll be here to bring her body home

the cabaret was crowded as her bed on payday night
E                           A              A7
Sammy hit a soldier and the fools began to fight
     D                                A             D
we scattered like the shadows in the early mornin' light
     A               E7             A
but she remained to bring the body home
A minor
D minor
C major
A major
A seventh
E major
E seventh
D major
Kris Kristofferson