Sunday Morning Coming Down - chords, tab and comments

Sunday morning is either a remind of a good-time party, or a bad hangover. Maybe both. Kris caught me with this song early seventies, released with his debut album "Kristofferson". Ever since then, I've got this tune nailed. It's cut by several important artists, but even Johnny Cash couldn't steal it. Kris have never recorded a Cash song. Johnny recorded a lot of Kris' songs. Kris Kristofferson is an icon in songwriting, and this one is one of his best.
well I woke up Sunday morning
        D              E7                A
with no way to hold my head that did not hurt
A                                       F#m
and the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad
so I had one more for desert
  A                   A7
I fumbled through my closet
         D                                   A    ...F#m
found my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt
      Bm                 E7
and I washed my face and combed my hair
    Bm                                   E   ...E7
and stumbled down the stairs to meet the day

on a Sunday morning sidewalk
                        A    ...F#m
wishing Lord that I was stone
                             E     ...E7
cause there's something in a Sunday
that makes the body feel alone
              A7             D
and there's nothing short of dieing
                         A   ...F#m
half as lonesome as the sound
                  E      ...E7
of a sleepy city sidewalk
Sunday morning coming down
A major
D major
E major
E seventh
B minor
F sharp minor
Kris Kristofferson