(Talk to me of)Mendocino - chords, tab and comments

Kate & Anna McGarrigle released their self-titled debut album January 1976. The McSisters never co-wrote each other, but it's really hard to tell who wrote what. This one is Kate, and "Mendocino" has become her signature song, now when she's gone. Kate was a piano lady; Anna prefers button accordion or banjo, and performs this proudly with the McGarrigle/Wainwright clan - or Kate's children Martha and Rufus.
Linda Ronstadt has covered this, as well as many of the McSister's songs. Her powerful voice (now unfortunately reduced to talking mode by disease) puts spice to the Kate&Anna stew.
...Em      G            D7              G
I bid farewell to the state of ol' New York
C   Am    G
my home away from home
C                                  G
in the state of New York I came of age
Em           Am       D7
when first I started roaming
      ...Em         G       D7        G
and the trees grow high in New York state
C         Am         G
and they shine like gold in Autumn
C                                  G
never had the blues from whence I came
        Em        Am     D7
but in New York state I caught 'em

G             C9
talk to me of Mendocino
G          Em      D7       G
closing my eyes I hear the sea
must I wait  must I follow?
G          Em   D7       G
won't you say  come with me?
E minor
A minor
G major
D seventh
C major
C nineth
Kate McGarrigle