Tangled up in Blue - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

This song is first track on Dylan's 1975 album "Blood on the Tracks" - in my opinion Dylans's best production ever, which is not peanuts. It is almost entirely recorded D open tuning. Playing nylon string, this trick sounds disgusting. Thus, this is my humble transition and conversion.
It's told that the song was written after Dylan listening to Joni Mitchells "Blue" album throughout a weekend. May be so. It was also written at the time he divorced Sara. Various affairs from the past may have entangled.
D ... C9 ... D ... C9 ...
D                       C               D                C
early one morning  the sun was shining  I was laying in bed
D                      C                    G
wondering if she had changed at all if her hair was still red
     D                   C9             D                 C9
her folks they said our lives together sure was gonna be rough
D                        C9                      G
they never liked mama's home made dress  papa's bankbook wasn't big enough
    Em                     Bm                D                   G
and I was standing on the side of the road  rain falling on my shoes
Em                   Bm                   D                   G              A
heading out for the eastern coast  lord knows I've paid some dues getting through
 C      G       D
tangled up in blue
D major
C major
C ninth
G major
A major
E minor
A minor
Bob Dylan