The Big Heat - chords, tab and comments

Stan Ridgway may sometimes appear as a cracked person, and haunted by persecution mania. Anyway; for years, he's been haunted by public media ... to write them film music, collaborate in productions and so on. His significant and narrating vocal has been a trademark for 30 years or so, and his effective melodies and arrangements have been spread around the world ever since he splitted group "Wall of Voodoo". This is the title song from his first solo album "The Big Heat". Take a look around yourself; somebody may be following you :-?
Em                                        Cmaj7           C
the room was dark, it looked like someone had to get out fast
    G         Bm            C     D
a window open by the fire escape
     Em                               Cmaj7              C
how long have you been following this guy? the bellboy asked
         G                 Bm               C      D
... not long enough 'cause we got here too late ...
     G         Bm           Cmaj7       Em    Cmaj7    C     D
and everybody wants another piece of the pie today he said
     G         Bm                   Cmaj7              C     Am
you gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean
          Em       A   Em  A ...
It's the big heat ...

   Em                             G
a block away he wondered if he'd left behind a clue
     Em                B           G  A
the front page of the paper dated 1992
     Em                                G
he remembered when he used to be the chairman of the board
     Em                B                   G               B7
but that was when the world was young and long before the war

          Em       A
it's the big heat
          Em               A
there's someone followin' you
          Em         A
it's the big heat
      Em                   A
step aside, we're comin' through
E minor
C major
A major
A minor
C major seventh
G major
B major
B seventh
B minor
D major
Stan Ridgway