The Blizzard - chords, tab and comments

The legendary songwriter Harlan Howard contributed more to the commercial part of country, folk and rock music than the more narrow class "Cowboy Music", but this song became classic. Maybe because the polished artist Jim Reeves (no offence!) recorded it first. Among numerous of cuts I've heard, I prefer Tex Ritter's rusty, narrative voice. Recite the 2 last verses, and go for Mary Ann's hot biscuits.
G                         G7         C              G
there's a blizzard comin' on and I'm wishin' I was home
G                      Em                D7
for my pony's lame and he can't hardly stand
         G                       G7                 C               G
Lord my hands feel like they're froze and there's a numbness in my toes
         Am          Am7             Cmaj(Em)
but it's only seven miles to Mary Anne
     Am         D7             G
it's only seven miles to Mary Anne

... and give it a "clippety-clop" 2/4 rhythm, of course.
G major
G 7th
C major
D 7th
A minor
A minor 7th
Harlan Howard