The Dandelion - chords, tab and comments

In June 2002, the norwegian singer/songwriter Stein Ove Berg decided to end his 53 year long life. He left behind 8 albums, the last one released 2 months ahead of his death. His recordings contain a collection of own material, as well as a few translations into norwegian. I decided to do the opposite.
In 1973 he wrote a very simple song: "Visa di". At that time, I had a love affair ... like almost every teenager. The song, in all of its simplicity, has followed me for 40 years; the object of my interest at that time is, as far as I know, married and leading a decent life.
... and the dandelion ended up in the dust bin, the following day.
G                      D7
I stroll along some country lane
     G        Em           Am   D7
the dead of night strikes two
    C      D7       G      Em
reflecting in each window pane
       C       D7      Bb
the horizon's turning blue
    Am      D7       Em    Bb7
reflecting in each window pane
       Am7      D7     G
the horizon's turning blue
G major
D seventh
C major
E minor
A minor
A minor seventh
B flat minor
B flat seventh