The Heart of Saturday Night - chords, tab and comments

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Title song from Waits' second 1973 album. The significant upright bass almost forces your thumb to slide up and down the first string; leaving the sixth. The () indicates this, but it is not really necessary. Neighter other thumb tricks I haven't mentioned. This song is a diamond in roots music, but curiously not covered by too many artists. Maybe because the original was fundamental, and thus hard to interprete.
G                 (G/A) (G/B)      (G/A)
well you gassed her up  behind the wheel
          C                                 Am7
with your arm around your sweet one in your oldsmobile
C                   D       ...D7
barreling down the boulevard
you're looking for the heart of Saturday night

          C                    D         D7
then you comb your hair  you shave your face
G        (G/A)    (G/B)   (G/A)
trying to wipe out every trace
C                 Am7
of all the other days in the week
               D              D7              D6            D7
you know that this'll be the Saturday you're reaching your peak
G major
C major
A minor seventh
D major
D seventh
D sixth
Tom Waits