The Highwayman - chords, tab and comments

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This spooky song about reincarning outsiders taking their lives to the limit, gave name to outstanding group "The Highwaymen", not opposite. With only two members alive, it's left to see if the prediction comes true. But it still takes only one to sing it.
Am      G                      F           G     C
I was a highwayman * along the coach roads I did ride
C                       G
sword and pistol by my side
Am     G                   Dm             Am
many a young maid lost her pobbles to my trade
Am     G                 Dm              Am
many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade
Am              C             F         G  C
the bastards hung me in the spring of 25
C                G
but I am still alive
G                  C             Em          Am           Em       Dm  G  Am
...I'll always be around...and around...and around...and around...

Jimmy Webb is an easy recognizable composer. He has been recorded by artists from R.E.M. to Frank Sinatra. Playing piano and doing all arrangements himself, he has released several albums without significant success, and is best known as genious songwriter.
A minor
G major
F major
C major
D minor
E minor
Jimmy Webb