The Legend of Andrew McCrew - chords, tab and comments

This is a true story. Anderson "Andrew" McCrew (1867-1913) was a hobo who died the way the song tells, was claimed by nobody, mummified and followed a travelling carnival for 50 years. Don McLean stumbled upon the story, and wrote this for his 1974 album "Homeless Brother". In 1973 friendly souls gave Andrew a proper funeral, and his remains now rest at Lincoln Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas. Visit him HERE.
       E          G#m                A            E
there was a mummy at the fair  all crumbled in a folding chair
     G#                C#m                   F#         B7
the people passed but did not care that the mummy was a man
    F#            B7
so tell me if you can

E       B11   E       B11
who are you  who are you
E               C#m                 F#    B7
where have you been  where are you going to
     E          Emaj7         C#m      C6
well Andrew McCrew must have lost his way
                 E         F#         B11      E
cause though he died long ago he was buried today

[E ... B11 ... E ... B11]

E        B11      E     B11         F#           B7
down on nightmare alley where the shady people sway
E              B11         F#           B7
a hobo came a-hiking on a salty summer day
E                       B11           F#             B7
he hopped a freight in Dallas and he rode it out of sight
          E        Emaj7      C#m       C6      B11           E
but on a turn he slipped and lost his grip and fell into the night
E major
E major seventh
A major
F sharp
G sharp
B seventh
B eleventh
C sixth
G sharp minor
C sharp minor
Don McLean