The Long Black Veil - chords, tab and comments

This 1959 murder ballad written by Danny Dill and Maryjohn Wilkin was first recorded by Lefty Frizzell with Wilkin playing piono, and has become a standard recorded by artists and bands like Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Band, Joan Baez and even Mick Jagger.
ten years ago on a cold dark night
D            D7               C         G
someone was killed neath the town hall light
there were few at the scene but they all agreeded
           D         D7           C
that the slayer who ran looked a lot like me

G        C           G          C          G
now she walks these hills in a long black veil
G    C          G             C          G
she visits my grave when the night wind wail
G       G7          C       G
nobody knows • nobody sees
G       D7       G
nobody knows but me
G major
G seventh
D major
D seventh
C major
Danny Dill
Maryjohn Wilkin