The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress - chords, tab and comments

Jimmy Webb is famous for writing distinctive melodies using intricated harmonies. Notorious among guitar players, because he seems to roll out a new accord with each note. His own interpretation of this song is live on YouTube, and it's embarrassing. But it's possible to play the way I've put it up, without twisting and spraining fingers.

I first heard it with late Radka Toneff, during a jazz session in the seventies. Something sounded familiar; could it be ...? Yup, sure it was. You always recognize a Webb song. At that time, the bells did not chime strong enough, but they lingered on for more than 30 years, until lately : it appeared on the radio, and *today* we've got the web, and search engines. So here it is. Unfortunately, Radka is not (but she's on YouTube, of course).
see her as she flies
Cmaj7                    C ... D7sus4
golden sails across the sky
                  Em ... Em7 ... C
close enough to touch
     D7sus4         Bm ... E7/9
but careful if you try
                             Am ... Am7 ... D
though she looks as warm as gold
     Bm             Cmaj7 ... D
the moon's a harsh mistress
    D7sus4          G
the moon can be so cold

Raise to A major with the last verse. Use A#dim in exchange for the expected F#9. Use JGuitar if You are not sure.
G major
C major seventh
C major
D seventh suspend forth
E minor
E minor seventh
B minor
E seventh added nineth
A minor
A minor seventh
D major
Jimmy Webb