The Partisan - chords, tab and comments

For decades I thought this was a Cohen song: I never checked the label. But it isn't. Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie wrote "La Complainte du Partisan" in London 1943, and the music is by Anna Marly. English lyrics was later written by Hy Zaret.
Why Cohen covered it on "Songs from a Room" (1969)? Well, he always had a strong passion for Europe, and maybe he simply liked it. In his version, he leaves the french part to a choir, omitting verses #2, 4 & 5.
Em         G        D        Em
when they poured across the border
       G         D     Em
I was cautioned to surrender
        G        D
this I could not do
C                  G      ...B7...Em
I took my gun and vanished
E minor
G major
D major
C major
B seventh
Anna Marly
Emmanuel d'Astier
Hy Zaret