The Silver Tounged Devil and I - chords, tab and comments

Title song from Kris' second Monument album, 1971. In opposite to all the songs ever about cheating and lying women, I guess: a man with big mouth and false image; being ashamed of it.
G                          G7
I took myself down to the Tally Ho Tavern
    C                  G
to buy me a bottle of beer
   C                    G            Em
I sat myself down by a tender young maiden
      A7                        D7
who's eyes were as dark as her hair
    G                           G7
and while I was searching from bottle to bottle
    C                       G
for something unfoolish to say
     C                           G               Em
that silver tounged devil just slipped from the shadows
     D          D7        G
and smilingly stole her away

       G7          C                          G
I said hey little girl don't you know he's a devil
C                       G
he's everything that I ain't
C                    G    A7                   D7
hiding intentions of evil under the smile of a saint
          C                       G
all he's good for is getting in trouble
      C                         G
and slipping his share of the blame
     C                         G
and some people swear he's my double
     A7                      D7
and some even say we're the same
         C                          G
but the silver tounged devil's got nothing to lose
    C                       G
and I'll only live 'till I die
   C                         G           Em
we take our own chances and pay our own dues
    D7                       G
the silver tounged devil and I
G major
G seventh
C major
E minor
D major
D seventh
A seventh
Kris Kristofferson